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Because there are only
24 hours in the day. 

You need a workout that works as hard as you do.

S3R (Sweat. Sculpt. Stretch. Repeat.) is leading the boutique fitness industry with innovative, varied and effective training techniques. Co-founders Martha Mistretta and Paula Divincenzo have amassed their decades of experience in CrossFit, strength training, Barre, Zumba, dance and indoor cycling, and partnered with the owners of Iris Yoga to bring New Jersey the very first ALL-IN-ONE boutique fitness studio.

You need a workout that gives you noticable results and saves you time.  The S3R concept has proven that the human body looks better and feels better when it is in action and constantly varying the physical routine. Not only are you guaranteed to look better, the varied format helps keep you motivated and injury free.

We are committed to continually educating instructors and researching new techniques in order to offer the best small group classes and personal training in the industry.

Too good to be true? Try it and you decide.